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Ye stopped talking nonsense. He stretched out a thin palm, took out the nightmare crystal from the colombias impotence home remedy jade box, and then pressed it between his eyebrows.

It wasn t until King Xia was killed and his head fell to the ground that everyone s hearts completely fell into the abyss.He suddenly turned back and glared at Su Yang. He believed what Zhou Jinxiu said when the two countries went to war without fighting.

I will make six national luck golden dragon flags, one for each battlefield.The more he looked at it, the more surprised he became.

This time, Su Yang wanted to visit Concubine Xiao Shu and retrieve the key Soon, Su Yang and Liu medicare to cover drugs for impotence Ruhua arrived at Yushu Palace.He had not paid much attention to Su Yang in the previous battles for the crown prince and the rebellion.

King Xia is really dead The imperial court of Great Xia has completely surrendered Your Majesty is worthy of being a great king.Although the Huo family s army has no battle formation, it still fights all year round.

The fight between the Royal Forest Army and the black armored cavalry was even more bloody.Her heart sank, knowing progentra male enhancement pills that she was in danger today . Quick decision Bai Qiushui s urging voice came from outside the house.

Continue to monitor Su Longyuan waved his hand, and immediately the black shadow left over the counter medicine for erectile dysfunction quietly.But she couldn t see through Su Yang, and was Colombias Impotence Home Remedy tricked around by a phantom.

Just when she frowned slightly, not knowing why. The statue like Mr.Zhao Yuzhen continued to report, In addition to the Xiao Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty, the Penis Growth Pill attitudes of the other five dynasties are also very important.

For the sake of the fairy sister, I must work hard to become stronger . The kid is roman male enhancement products solved In the imperial study room, Su Yang made tea and enjoyed the taste of the tea.

Su Yang was the prince, and the guards along pomegranate juice cure erectile dysfunction the way did not dare to stop him and knelt down to greet him.These people are all important forces in the beheading operation.

But now it seems that Su Yang s attainments are not ordinary This also made everyone full of hope for the Golden Pill of Enlightenment.Suddenly the array natural ways to increase penis size disk burst into brilliant light, and the hundred thousand array patterns seemed to come alive, turning into one hundred thousand little elves, extremely exquisite and unparalleled in ingenuity.

The impact and shock brought by the power of the True Dragon of National Fortune made everyone feel shocked and couldn t recover for a long time.The power of faith can not only be used to resist natural and man made disasters, but can also be used to deduce all things.

The war suddenly begins . Boom Under the control of Huo Yunlong, the colombias impotence home remedy one eyed ghost attacked crazily towards the White Lotus Saint.I will remember every blood debt in my heart. From now on, I will not be defeated again.

This time, he no longer held back, and the aura of the ninth level of the Vientiane Realm exploded, instantly making Liu Ruhua s face turn colombias impotence home remedy pale.Once an attack occurs, the Yunlong Army will be attacked from both Does Masturbating Prevent Penis Growth front and rear, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Although the six ministers are not as powerful as the Heavenly King, they are the political hub.Su Yang helped him get rid of the toxins, allowing him to barely stand up.

Suddenly the ghost flag was like a black lightning, heading straight towards the White Lotus Saint.Even if he does not circulate the true Qi of the Imperial Way, he can punch Does Masturbating Prevent Penis Growth through mountains and rivers with just the power of Vajra in his body, which is infinitely powerful.

Once he regains the position of prince, everyone will be in panic.At the enthronement ceremony, Su Yang s performance exceeded his expectations, making him extremely fearful.

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Your Majesty, the humble minister is Zhao Yuzhen, the left minister of the Household Department The hook nosed man said with a flattering colombias impotence home remedy look.How much do you know about this person Su Yang didn t talk nonsense and went straight to the topic.

Grandpa, Taoist Tianji has set off with the Daxia mission.For the sake of colombias impotence home remedy your mother and King Zhennan, King Gu has allowed you to be stable as the prince until now, and it is also good for you.

You don t dare Su Yang and Su Longyuan s eyes collided in mid air.However, Su Yang was weak and incompetent tariqakstudio at that time.

Suddenly, the ghost flag in Huo Yunlong s hand shook violently, as if trying to break free from his hand and return to its owner.They were killed one by one, turned into ghost energy, and retracted into the Five Ghosts Picture.

There was even more thunder intertwined, and the terrifying destructive power distorted the air, making people s scalp numb.The majestic spiritual power is poured into the eyes of the sky, and at the same time, magical powers are used.

The Huo family is in charge of the military power, and most of the military forces in the Daqian Dynasty are under the control of the Huo family.Jiang Feng is dead His eyes widened and he refused to close his eyes.

The destiny of heaven and earth cannot be seen or touched, but it is real.Not only did he depose himself as the prince, but at the instigation of Concubine Xiao Shu, he turned a deer into a horse and angrily scolded himself.

But through the what drugs are used for erectile dysfunction previous tense situations, everyone knew that the excitement in front of them was just a facade.He shook his hand and pulled off a strand of his beard.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Has A Low Libido?

She couldn t hold it in any longer. Mr. Ye, take action quickly Mr. Ye, this is Xiao Shufei s biggest colombias impotence home remedy trump card and the person she trusts the most.

Grandpa gives you a thumbs up colombias impotence home remedy Huo Yuanxiong not only did not blame Su Yang, but praised him.Dragon Elephant Mountain Breaking Fist Aku had no weapons, male enhancement near me because her fists were the best weapons.

Your Majesty, the plague is rampant. Please do not enter Yujing City.But no one expected that Su Yang would refuse in person without mercy.

After Daxia is annexed, it will be time for Zhou Jinxiu to take office.There are three people in this room at this time. In addition to Jiang Feng, there are two deputy commanders.

One light and one heavy. One drum and one beat. Su Yang has completely different attitudes towards losers and passers, and this attitude makes both parties convinced.

There is no second possibility. In a sense, Su Yang was gambling with his life.He knew that, let alone himself, even if his father led the 300,000 Huo family troops here, they might not be able to stop the White Lotus Saint.

As long as it is within the territory of colombias impotence home remedy Daqian, Su Yang s national destiny colombias impotence home remedy technique is an invincible weapon.Once Huo Yuanxiong is defeated, Su Yang s rebellion will also completely fail, and these surrendered officials will surely be liquidated by Su Longyuan.

I can join, but I have a condition. Su Yang will be killed by me myself . The White Lotus Saint s murderous intention towards Su Yang has reached colombias impotence home remedy the extreme.

The light in Guluo Jian s eyes dimmed, and his life was cut off.But at this time, Zhou Jinxiu was full of vitality and blood, in peak condition, and showed no signs of poisoning or poisoning.

At this stage, he was also worried about accidents, so even if Zhang Yangqing didn t send him to investigate, he would take the initiative to check.

Here, Zhang Yangqing discovered through observation that the three teams may be hiding something more or less.The demihuman race can no longer be tortured, and they are very satisfied if they can survive.

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The impact of landing made him temporarily dazed. Before he Colombias Impotence Home Remedy could get up, he felt hot energy coming from around him.The well water is still transparent with a hint of gray.

As long as everyone who resists is killed, then those who do not resist can be captured.Moreover, colombias impotence home remedy rescuing human beings can create chaos colombias impotence home remedy for the Eternals and make it easier for them to move around here.

He was Chu Yiyi s suitor named Zhao Kai, who was also a Taoist disciple.The overwhelming pressure comes, making people feel suffocated.

In fact, he wanted to say No, you are colombias impotence home remedy End of Chapter Before colombias impotence home remedy departure, Colombias Impotence Home Remedy senior brother Su Muyu once asked Xu Xiu.In the world of ghost stories, it depends on the experience and eloquence of the chosen ones.

At that time, the Colombias Impotence Home Remedy chosen ones can obtain further information by observing the well water, and colombias impotence home remedy use the information Colombias Impotence Home Remedy to judge the next step.But it s true. How can you become the overlord in this world without some extraordinary skills The black bear girl is also very capable of understanding, and she is a beast in her own right.

A terrifying murderous aura began to spread, and he wanted to let the village chief know.To put it bluntly, he is a thug of the Holy See, and it is not easy to control his temper.

If other transcendent beings knew that he thought this way, they would definitely say Why are you talking nonsense here Who doesn t know how to review Many extraordinary people can actually think of it here, but if you miss one step, you will be further and further away from the hidden mission.

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How To Get Your Sex Drive Back

In the world of ghost stories, the chosen ones chose the right doctor according to their own methods, and then followed him to a double door storage room.

It can be judged that these women are colombias impotence home remedy not insect men.Rule 3 If you find a full moon in the sky in a certain area, please leave immediately.

Maybe these guys are the same type of people, all believers of the God of Harvest.Zhang Yangqing naturally wanted to contact the person with the hidden mission, so he took the one eyed boy and walked in the direction of the sound.

Needless to say, the smell must be the gas emitted by this industrially developed city.There is no room for the colombias impotence home remedy climbing team to walk straight.

He didn t have many restrictions. But don t forget, Sidney did.The chosen colombias impotence home remedy ones hadn t come yet pre workout and erectile dysfunction in the morning, so they missed the time to take medicine, and had already taken the lunch portion.

I didn t notice it, because he hasn t charged it once since he entered the picture The other chosen ones can t wait to carry the charging station behind their backs.

After all, he can be said to be the successor to the Pope with high hopes.The purple eyed girl seemed to be the first person to reveal her profession, or in other words, the first person to show off her abilities.

Who knew Rahman was drinking water to soothe his throat Just kidding, there are rules.The weird arm seems to have an attack range. As long as it runs out of his range, he will not attack.

In addition, his words are relatively calm and thick, which makes people listen attentively.In the eyes of the leader of the Black Feather Clan, the Eternal King is already invincible.

They looked towards the black shadow as if they had been cast by magic.In fact, many local people also praised Zhang Yangqing, said that he was not good, and even slandered him.

Labs For Erectile Dysfunction

In the strange world, the surrounding teammates were shocked by this.But for Kushi Yubing, it was easy. After placing the vent cover on the ground, he jumped up and got in with his soft and short body.

Labs For Erectile Dysfunction

Even if you can t complete it, it would be good to accumulate more experience.There is nothing else, so he simply goes down. If there are missing organs, or if his calculations are wrong, the worst he can do is drill a hole and go up.

After all, in Longhu Mountain, even if Zhang Yangqing is idle, he still has a lot to do.If the Heavenly Master of the Dragon Kingdom dares to use force, it is only because he dares.

Because patients all know that the consequences of offending a caregiver will be disastrous.After Zhang Yangqing turned on the flashlight, he glanced around and felt that the place was a little damp.

But I don t know why my teammates haven t come over yet.The Chosen Ones glanced at their watches. It was already Penis Growth Pill eight twenty, which was past the time for the strange attack.

He made one mistake and failed to escape. The next second, only does drinking affect erectile dysfunction a bang was heard.As long as you take the colombias impotence home remedy petals of the Frost Bone colombias impotence home remedy Ice Lotus, you can have the effect of resisting the cold.

But with his lazy personality, he would not do colombias impotence home remedy such troublesome things unless necessary.The teammates of the mountaineering team were slightly startled, but they quickly calmed down.

Making Your Marriage Work When Your Husband Has Erectile Dysfunction?

The mental harm caused to creatures in the world of Kaitan is two different things from the negative harm caused by Kaitan itself.Before finding the antidote to the virus, just go through the process first.

This alone has frightened many of the Chosen Ones, and it is an existence they cannot fight against.No matter what trick Wei Wei played or what conspiracy he had, there was nothing he could do when facing someone like Zhang Tianshi who had no rules and didn t play his cards according to routines.

The reason why he fought here for a long time was because he saw Zhang Yangqing, so he dared colombias impotence home remedy to fight like this.All living things are inaccessible, because as long as they get close, they will be infected by special radioactive energy and lose consciousness.

Because there is not much disinfectant water left, and there is no supply of this thing yet, save it if you can.Then he can wear it all the time to reduce the can an inflamed prostate cause erectile dysfunction risk of being colombias impotence home remedy poisoned.

After hearing this, Ramirez nodded and agreed. Other Chosen Ones may fear for their own safety.So he quickly found out if there were any red vehicles nearby.

It made him have the illusion for a moment. Are you the BOSS of this level, colombias impotence home remedy or me Zhang Yangqing asked him to make the colombias impotence home remedy first move, which was actually to measure the power of each big boss in the monster world.

But I don t know why, the mountaineers always feel strange.This is a trap. The world of ghost stories is just waiting for you to fall how can i fix my ed problem asleep and then kill you As long as you realize this, you will not rest on a leather armchair.

How To Increase Penis Size At Home

This time, of the 300,000 tiger colombias impotence home remedy and wolf army, apart from 100,000 veterans, colombias impotence home remedy the remaining watermelon and erectile dysfunction 200,000 were newly recruited soldiers.Su Yang spoke, conveying his ideas again. He possesses the destiny of the country and shares his destiny with the country.

Uh A muffled groan sounded from the dark clouds. That was the voice of Saint Tianyin.Sage Tianyin s Dark Canopy is indeed impressive, but when I Colombias Impotence Home Remedy kill you, this holy weapon will be mine The Five Poison Saints were not surprised but overjoyed.

The fiercest war broke out between the Daqian Dynasty and the Xiao Dynasty before.If you add this Tai Chi Sword Talisman, you will feel even more secure.

Our total strength is only five million. Now the four million troops are the limit.The powerful aura of the colombias impotence home remedy Supreme Realm emitted and forced towards the White Lotus Saint.

For a moment, the crowd was in chaos and a stampede broke out.With a pop, a body that was still warm fell into a pool of blood.

But now Gong Huirou died tragically, and Su male exercises for erectile dysfunction Yang appeared in Yujing City, and survived the tariqakstudio thunder tribulation, and his strength increased greatly.It was none other Colombias Impotence Home Remedy than Zhou Jinxiu, the leader of the hundred officials Colombias Impotence Home Remedy Today is my Daqian s promotion ceremony Thank you all for coming to this promotion ceremony and witnessing Daqian s promotion from dynasty to dynasty.

This is a time consuming and labor intensive project.save face. Everyone exclaimed, revealing the origin of the Vientiane Holy Spirit Disk.

How To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Tu Zixiong, defeat colombias impotence home remedy him at all costs Grand Master Xiao shouted, reminding Tu Zixiong.Seeing that Su Yang had already made a decision, Zhou Jinxiu said nothing more.

He was stunned, his eyes widened, and he looked at Su Yang in the sky in disbelief.Maybe they can take advantage of this opportunity to fish in troubled waters.

She was just given the colombias impotence home remedy title of princess by Emperor Xiao.Your Majesty, I just learned that you are back, and I am planning to go to the palace to find you.

How could everyone not be surprised. next moment. The air waves rolled in red male enhancement pill reviews like a tidal wave, making everyone feel as if they were in a storm and it was difficult to resist.

Uh huh Right now. Su Yang, who was lying in the spiritual pool, suddenly opened his eyes.In terms of age, talent, and potential, Xiao Huang is not as good as Su Yang.

Huo Yuanxiong, as a veteran general in the army, naturally discovered this keenly.After all, this was too unbelievable, beyond her imagination, and it broke her cognition.

God bless Daqian. This is a sign of great prosperity The direction the real dragon is going is the direction of the Daqi Dynasty.The battle has become more and more fierce now. Even Ao Xuan was injured, with broken snake scales colombias impotence home remedy and bloody flesh.

His knees bent and he knelt on the ground. Not only that, his realm was also suppressed to the first level of the Martial Emperor Realm, the same realm as Su Yang.

At this time, the two of them rushed out at the same time, facing Su Yang s three imperial sword energies.At this time, colombias impotence home remedy Su Yang s eyes flashed. The opportunity has come He kept taking action to weaken the Green Faced Ghost Emperor and the Six Armed Ghost Emperor, just to wait for them to weaken.

If there is really a strong enemy coming, it will definitely be erectile dysfunction mechanical aids a strong person above the Martial Emperor Realm.Your Majesty, the declaration of war by the Six Dynasties has resulted in an empty treasury.

Even when facing gods and demons, he can face them calmly.What are my chances of winning in the three month period Requires 60,000 faith colombias impotence home remedy tariqakstudio points Sixty thousand faith points Su Yang finally recovered to 120,000.

Best Essential Oil For Erectile Dysfunction

Holy Lord Tianyuan wanted to hunt Su Yang, but he didn t know that he had also become Colombias Impotence Home Remedy Su Yang s prey.Could it be that they are enemies The people were shocked and shocked.

I want to confirm it. To be honest with the Emperor, I have a master s wife.But this is good news for Su Yang. Because of hypocrisy, he wants to save face, which gives tariqakstudio Su Yang more opportunities to take advantage of.

At this moment, Su Yang and Liu Ruhua have become the most noble people in the world.Although this time it was just a support, it was a battle to destroy the country.

From Emperor Qian to ordinary people, they are all working hard to build their country and contribute to the prosperity of the Qian Dynasty.He also practices the Shinto Heavenly Emperor Sutra , not only possesses the true power of the emperor, Qi, Vajra Thunder Body and Golden Dao Eye, as well as the the best treatment for erectile dysfunction Heavenly Emperor colombias impotence home remedy s Faxiang, True Dragon Body Protection and other means.

Hua Tianye also died. If Su Yang hadn t done this, his name would have been written backwards.At this time, Shilong woke up and charged directly towards Su Yang.

Within a hundred years, I will not only be promoted to the imperial dynasty, colombias impotence home remedy but also be promoted to the imperial dynasty.Each one has the strength of the Martial Emperor Realm.

However, Su Yang s eyes were calm and undisturbed. He looked at Mr.The Penis Growth Exercise do pumpkin seeds help erectile dysfunction Lord White Bones is not only a semi saint strong man, but also a legendary warrior.

Among the envoys from the Penis Growth Vitamin D Great Xiao Colombias Impotence Home Remedy Dynasty, Tu Qianjun s eyes lit up, and he was extremely surprised.But Su Yang had colombias impotence home remedy no intention of taking back the Dark Sky.

If this finger falls, Gong Huirou will definitely die.This time, I am here for revenge. Since you have put yourself in danger, I will make it impossible for you to come back.

This dragon vein is of extremely high grade, Colombias Impotence Home Remedy and the belief required to derive the dragon vein is very high.The three important ministers also understood it very well.

The victory in this battle also brought Su Yang s prestige to an unprecedented height.But the dragon vein energy in front of him is real.

As for whether the forces behind these warriors will retaliate, that is a matter for later.He comes from the righteous path of the Heavenly Master, and naturally he also knows the preciousness of the mysterious golden light.

At this moment. The outcome of this do pumpkin seeds help erectile dysfunction Fungal Growth On Penis war all depends on the duel between Su Yang and Tu Zixiong.But she was powerful, but Su Yang was stronger than her.

I will fight with you The two headed python of ice and fire erupted, and the terrifying power of ice and fire shook the heaven and earth, repelling Taoist Tianji and the eight demon kings.

Su Yang, on the other hand, changed the subject so that she would not continue to worry about the five pointed star mark.Who are you Why are you arresting me Chen Mou was shocked and stared at Su Yang.

A ray of fire shot up into Colombias Impotence Home Remedy the sky. Seeing a blaze of fire rising into the sky, Ling Xi s sword light was easily blocked by a person who didn t know when he appeared behind him.

Then why were you in the cave the impotence treatment in pakistan second time Gu Yunian continued to ask.Stop talking nonsense and come again. Xiao Wangchen released all his internal energy, and the dust around him was shaken away by the powerful internal force.

Expressing his gratitude, the four of them suddenly fell into doubt again.Xiao Wangchen held the token as high as possible with one hand, and held Ling Xi s face with the other hand.

After hearing Xiao Wangchen s words, Ling Xi weakly asked Gu Yunnian next to him.This is impossible. The steward of the cargo ship said loudly, and then broke through the blockade of the soldiers and rushed in.

The waiter couldn t stop talking about the magistrate of Jing County.maybe they have been killed by now, the servant said quickly.

There are no calluses here. Gu Yunnian pointed to the tiger s mouth of Xiao colombias impotence home remedy Wangchen s do pumpkin seeds help erectile dysfunction Fungal Growth On Penis right hand.The Kun royal family had a blood feud, but for the sake of enjoyment, they still betrayed their clansmen and surrendered their allegiance to the two royal families.

He is now an Earth Realm warrior. It always feels like a dream.In the second level, Ling Xi s momentum, which was originally weaker than Liu Ren s, suddenly rose to the same level as the latter.

At this time, a person behind him said quietly, I heard someone say that I have no good intentions.In one year, they traveled all over the Canggan and Kyushu.

The latter flew backwards the growth matrix penis exercise and inserted his fingers into the ground to stop his retreat.At this time, the green blade in Sun Yuanwai s hand was dripping.

The two discussed the secrets of doing business together, and they chatted for most of the day.Almost all the sect disciples in Jingzhou were eager to try, trying to verify what they had learned in the competition.

Sister Colombias Impotence Home Remedy in law and my niece are taking a walk, Huo Que said with a wicked smile.Ling Xi knew that he was not in front of him. The enemy hurriedly dodged, but who knew that the opponent s fist seemed to cover a huge area.

Huh Seeing this, Xiao Wangchen frowned, Ding Qianqiu actually abandoned his martial arts What do you mean Nangong Liuli also frowned and her sword buzzed.

Ahem. Gu Yunnian coughed violently. Forget it, you better hold your sword.That s Gu Yunian, who is one of the most powerful young disciples among all the sects.

She looked colombias impotence home remedy at Xiao Wangchen, a worried look flashed across her face.Xingyue City issued a statement overnight, saying that City Lord Huo corrected his mistakes and overthrew the reconstruction The disciples of the Broken Fist Gang and the Pofeng Sword Sect were filled with indignation, but there was nothing they could do.

Lu Yan patted Xiao Wangchen s shoulder and colombias impotence home remedy said this, then turned and walked downstairs.The girl who had been busy all day must be exhausted.

Disappearing little by little. After a few breaths, there was only a little light left on Bai Ye s fist, and he himself was sweating profusely.Unknowingly, their backs were soaked with cold sweat.

When night fell, Xiao Wangchen gently knocked on the door next to his.From the moment he put down the sword, his aura increased rapidly.

From the bottom of the pit, a sound of click, click, click came.Harm, what s the point Hao Nan immediately knew what Ling Xi meant by asking this question.

Even his name is not on the list of the most respected elites in Cangqian Wulin.This It seems to make sense. The straw shoe boy scratched his head, seeming a little embarrassed.

You are right. Xiao Wangchen pondered for a moment and nodded slightly.I colombias impotence home remedy wonder if you have heard of the man named Bai Heng.

Even so, the elders still had some regrets in their hearts because they had not succeeded in accepting Ling Xi as their disciple.In addition to their heartbeats erectile dysfunction fort lauderdale being affected, their breathing also became more colombias impotence home remedy rapid with the intensification of the drumming.

Well, here we are. The man spoke. If Xiao Wangchen and Ling Xi were present, they would definitely recognize this man as Lu Yan, the storyteller in Hongchen Pavilion, and one of the four most mysterious heroes in the world.

Anyone who participates in the competition here can get It s a big reward.Senior, let s go. Gu Yunian turned his back to the zombie and swung his sword.

She was too weak during the birth and could not hold on until my grandfather arrived, and she died in the end.Then your younger brother should be a hero too. It s okay.

Her eyes were reddish, and she must have been there these days.In the increasingly fierce collision, just a trace of energy from both sides can easily break the trees surrounded by people hugging each other.

You can take colombias impotence home remedy a boat to Jiandao tomorrow. Be careful and adapt accordingly.Xiao Wangchen and Ling Xi looked in the direction of Gu Yunian s finger and saw a towering green mountain rising from the ground.

Disciples, listen to the order, If the enemy does the best food for erectile dysfunction not retreat, they will be killed without mercy.It s okay. Gu Yunnian scratched his head. tariqakstudio It s not bad. It looks like we re not far from the ground.

Ling Xi thought for a while and gave his answer. It s possible.Gu Yun thought. I see, after all, the first time I met my master was when I was very young.

This is it. Xingyue City s secret skill Ling Xi and Xiao Wangchen both heard Lu Yu say that the three sets of swordsmanship are the Colombias Impotence Home Remedy does ashwagandha work for erectile dysfunction secret skills of Xingyue City.

They re all here. Xiao Wangchen looked at the roster in his hand and stretched his muscles.Don t worry, I will take care of myself. Nangong Liuli turned around and hugged Nangong Yu, and then ran out happily, This girl, remember to tell your mother.

next to the two of them was the woman s broken long sword.More than 20 years later, the yard looked like this with no one taking care of it.

This makes it easier to accept Xiao Wangchendu. Give you the inner strength, Lu Yan said with a serious look.Triangular formation. Can Lao Xiao win Ling Xi asked this question again.

The collision of the sword and the gun caused sparks to fly.How is it As expected of a master in the Xuan Realm, his sword moves are versatile.

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